Beginner Chess Mistakes

Nov 26, 2011, 9:18 PM |

If you're a beginner chess player, don't make these six mistakes.

The Queen

Be honest-the queen is awesome. Zooming around the board, they can destroy nearly everything in their path. But beginner players may bring the queen out too early. Pawns can easily capture it, so look at the position if you're using your queen. Resist rampaging through pieces with it.


If you lose a piece, like a small pawn, don't risk an stronger piece to avenge your lost piece. Like this example.


Pawns can be used

The cannon fodder of chess, pawns can be used for defense, and they can be promoted into a stronger piece. Look at this example.


If you have an opportunity to castle, do it. Your king is safer, and your rook can be used near the middle of the board.

Undefended Pieces

If your opponent leaves an important piece undefended, look at the position first. Would it put you in a worse position? Would it let your opponent checkmate you? Always look before doing. Look at this example. Is Qxg5 a bad move? Write the answer in the comments.







One Place

Don't focus on one place of the board. If you do, you could be left open for a checkmate.

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