A Chess story for JollyPlayer

Feb 24, 2010, 6:58 PM |

This story was written for JollyPlayer in order to make him feel better and forget about his heath issues. Cool


JollyPlayer = Jarron

Svetla= Srakanara

Note: Jarron is about 4250 years old (Dragzards can be 5000 years old) and Srakanra is about 1290 years old. I guessed on Jarron's personality based the real JollyPlayer's on chess.com. He's a kind and generous (based on his profile) and that makes him a bronze Dragzard. And the hair, that was based on the avatar. I have no main personality, but a mix of them- that's where the brown is coming from. If you mix all of the colors (of paint), you get brown.

I will have photos of that board that I used in my story.  The one in the story is based on a 1988 Russian foldable portable chess board.


A very old, semi-bald with a half of a halo of bushy, white, hair , bronze Dragzard sighed as removed his old black briefcase off his tired shoulder and sat down at an empty polished wooden table. He peered through his thick lens of his round, framed, glasses around the bar of Dragon's Retreat watching the members at the bar chatting about their things in life. His old ears grew accustomed to the loud hum of the main room of the inn allowing him to selectivity hear different things than others. Slowly, he opened his case and rummaged for the newspaper that he brought at a vender before heading to Dragon's Retreat. Finally after a few moments of searching, he snorted when he found the paper.

“Hey, Jarron,” a female voice spoke that made the bronze jump.

Jarron turned his head to notice a young tan Dragzard with long brown hair tied in a neat ponytail. He smiled to the brown, “Srakanara, good to see you again. Shouldn't you be in school at this moment?”

“Naw,” Sraka shook her head, “School bores me, so I skipped for the day and came down here. Looks like I took the right day to do so. I found you here.”

The old bronze glared with his dark greens eyes into the brown's green-brownish eyes, “You shouldn't be skipping school. Some day you will find the path that you will be happy with. But, you can't go back today. Let's have a game of chess.” Sraka watched as Jarron reach into his bag and fish out a small, wooden, rectangular box with a black, knight chess piece drawn on the top of the lid. He unlatched the latch that was holding the two sides of the box closed. As he opened the box, Sraka saw the miniature chess pieces pegged into their spots and the middle four rows with tiny holes where the pegs of the pieces can go in. Jarron took out one black and one white pawn. He placed his arms behind his back. After awhile, he placed them in front of the brown, “Pick a hand.”

“I pick your left,” Sraka said. The bronze opened his left hand and Sraka snorted at the black pawn. Jarron replaced the two pieces and moved his d pawn to d4.

Game's below to lazy to finish the story (might later, though)...


I think I might of been white in this one.  Dunno how I failed at getting the who was what.