Chess in Torzukarr/My Birthday

Feb 4, 2010, 10:39 AM |

I bet some of you knew this was coming because I know that I play chess.  I BROUGHT CHESS TO MY WORLD (TORUZKARR)!  I see the elves in Torzukarr as the Indians/Asians of our real world.  Since the Indians/Asians brought over the game, I was thinking that elves in Torzukarr can also.  So, sometime later this year I will have some story for that.

In other news, it's my birthday and I'm 19.  I have almost forgot that it was mine today till I saw presents on the kitchen table.  I got a box of tea flowers (the ones that you can diffuse in hot water), a glass frog for good luck, and PJ's.  My dad is coming home for the weekend (he works at his own company in Fort Wayne, IN, but lives home (meaning that he commutes from home to Fort Wayne every Monday morning and comes back Friday (or Thursday) evening) and we might eat cake or just have birthday tea.