First Name fits my Personalty

Mar 17, 2010, 4:26 PM |

Note: This isn't the planned blog that I will post in 2-3 days.

Never truely thought about the fact my first name meaning fits my personalty.  Svetlana means the one who brings the light (a Slavic name).  Over the time that I have been on this site, I noticed that my kindness and caring personalty is shining down and helping people to feel better.  I have cheered up Clear (and others) just playing games and chating.  I have cheered up JollyPlayer by writing that short story.

But, my online personalty is the true one, not some fake one that I use to try hide away my real life one.  In fact, why this thought hit me just today after I actully thanked a teacher by sending him an e-mail thanking him for being my math teacher (for his advice and his teaching style)! First of all, that cheered me last night and cheered him up when he read this morning.  These e-mails are rare for them (and anyone) and one written from the heart is the rarest of all.

My point is I lucky that Svetlana is my name and it fits my personalty.