Just a Story

Apr 4, 2010, 7:47 AM |

Just a short story about a Dragzard who lives with the elves and tries to explain what is snow.  It also shows that he misses his old home.

Tangar- A silver Dragzard who is about 2600 years old. Over his years, he learned many things and learned from from his mistakes and pass the advice to others.

Tangar looked up at the gloomy, dark gray, sky, poking through the long leaves of the jungle trees, thinking that he needed to hurry before the big storm hit the elven city of Kerrigen. Kerrigen was the capitol of the elven lands west of the Land of Dragzards ruled by the great King Kendáno Deneni (King Kendo Deneni for short). The silver Dragzard was one of first people from the east to settle with the elves after the three explorers find them and told the news about the new Land of Dragzards. At first, the elven people weren't sure to trust the news from two Dragzards and a human. But after King Kendo send his brother, Prince Legdien, and his high wizard, Norcánar Hirlas, with the three explorers back to the Land of Dragzards. After five years, the two eves, two Dragzards, and the human came back and proved that it was safe to live there. News also traveled to the Land of Dragzards, and a small band of humans and Dragzards moved out to the elven lands- Tangar was one of them.

Just as the first rain drops hit the white hair of the Dragzard, he climbed up a flight of stairs to a door that lead him into a tavern. The long leaves of the tree helped to protect Tangar from most of the heavy drops of the rain storm. Once he opened the tarp to the bar room, the silver was greeted with a cheery noise of the inn. His blue eyes quickly looked around for an empty seat but he didn't found any. Then he noticed a dark brown spotted, tan-coated dragat sitting by a booth. Tangar looked closely and found out that dragat was Taki. Taki was owned by his landlord, Centrius, a young elf *who was in his 90's. As the white-haired Dragzard walked towards the booth, Taki started to wag his tail. Tangar patted the dragat as he sat down across his landlord. “Good afternoon, my friend,” Tangar spoke after he sat down.

The landlord closed his book and replied, “Tangar! Nice to see you here, how's life here?”

“Well, it's different. I'm used too living near a mountain where we get a lot of snow. But here it's large, tall, trees and rain storms.”

'True, the storms can be bad around in the jungle. But what is snow?   I was born many years after our people left the lands east of here.”

“Snow is...” Tangar started then stopped. How can he tell what is snow, one of the hardest things in Torzukarr to explain? “Well, snow is, um, frozen water that fall in flakes. Once many flakes fall on the ground, they form a white covering that can blind you when the sun shines on the ground.”

The elf stroked his short dark green hair with his hand, “Sounds amazing. Maybe when you come back to the mountains, you can take me too.”

'That's a deal, my friend,” the silver replied.

*Remember that elves live forever, so 90 is young.

Edit: July 30, 2010- Got a typoo.