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Race Idea- Good or bad

Nov 28, 2009, 4:34 PM 3

This is a race idea called Dragzard.  I want to use it in my fiction that I'm writing.


Basically, a Dragzard is not a lizardman or a draconian, it's a race that I have created that combines both races.  For example, Dragzard has a dragon's (or a draconian) snout but without wings like a draconian.  Also, lizards and lizardmen don't have personalty based on their colors, but (to me and based on that Guide to Dragons book) dragons and draconian do.  I just didn't want to steal an idea from DragonLance.

The only differnce between my race and other two is Dragzards have hair because they are part human too.


Can I call this race my own?  Comment here.

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