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Jul 30, 2009, 4:44 AM 0

 I want to dedicate this blog post to Jesus! Without him my life wouldn't be right,before i allowed god to come into my heart and soul thing's were never right.Now since I'am a true believer there is nothing out there in this world that can stop me!!! Because I'am Not of This World just as Jesus is not of this world.With my faith my true godly faith there has never been more blessings than what i have received and what i will receive.When thing's aren't going right in my life i just turn to Jesus, he directs my path and he will always direct it.Without a doubt in my mind "The Word of God" is truth and the truth shall set you free!!! I also dedicate this blog post to my church "LightHouse Assembly of God" since day one they've been like family and just like family we will continue to grow.To all the lost souls out there don't be afraid for with fear comes punishment.I used to be lost at one point as well but i have found the greatest treasure there is "The Lord My Saviour"

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