Blunder leading to Mate in 4?!

Jun 7, 2013, 5:43 PM |
I am just a beginner player but I find somewhat funny writing chess blog reflecting on some of the games I play and analyze.
That is interesting how sometimes blunder moves lead to victory. Of course that won't work with GMs and even casual players, but I know from myself that sometimes it's really hard to follow the route of opponent's thinking before you see yourself stuck in the mate situation.
Here I calculated the line of Mate in 4, set it into the "Conditional moves" section and started waiting. Luckily, my opponent didn't notice the threat and played Re8 to allow for the King to "escape". All the rest of the game was played without my intervention as there was the only possibility.
I should notice as well my blunder move 6. Ne2. THAT IS RIDICULOUS. No, really! What I was thinking about when the bishop was already in my hands?
And this is indeed funny how computer calls moves mistakes and blunders. My 18. Bd3 was blunder whilst 18. ... Re8 was a mere mistake. Good mistake leading to mate.