Endings to Know: More Rook Endings

Apr 11, 2016, 1:17 AM |

The Subject of todays blog is rook endings with an extra outside passed pawn. Most of the positions will involve equal material on the kingside, and a passed pawn on the queenside.

 whether or not these positions are won or drawn depends on the activity of the defenders pieces. As much as i dislike general rules and sayings in chess, tarrasch's rooks belong behind past pawns is particularly relevant in these endings.

First we will examine positions with the stronger sides rook behind the outside pawn:



These positions with the pressing sides rook behind their pawn can be summarized as follows-

Win by bringing the king to support the pawn.

Avoid simplifications when possible.

Avoid allowing your opponent to create a passed pawn (especially for free)

and here's a quiz on one of the trickier positions of the straightforward conversion of this ending:

In the interest of keeping this post from getting too long i'm going to end here. I'll cover positions with the outside pawn where the defenders pieces are better placed next time.

PS- is there a way to edit diagrams on here after you have inserted them? I've spotted a couple typos (and even an inaccuracy in a variation!) in these blogs and not being able to fix them without re doing the entire diagram is driving me crazy.