Sicilian Pin Variation, strange knight move! How to take advantage of uncastled king II.

Oct 20, 2015, 9:27 AM |

Here I'll show you a game of mine that I analyzed it with's engine as well. I'll try to explain how to get advantage of nonsense openings and uncastle king, I'll also try to explain an important basic opening trap, when someone gets out of main line in sicilian defence very early. Let's do step by step:


3.d4, nc6?

White's pawns are going forward and the reason one plays c5 is to prevent d5 push. But black carelessly played nc6? What do you suggest for a next move? Yes exactly d5!

In the move 4.d5 nb4? I believe he had to play 4. ...Qe7+, in-between move, he needs that queen to protect the d6 square with the help of black squared bishop.


What should white play next? 7.??

Yes exactly, this is a common tactic and opening trap, white has to play d6! Black cannot find any good response as white will play Qe2+ in the next move and black has to give up a piece for d6 pawn. By knowing this tactic I said OK, lets first take the a6 knight and develop another piece after that I'll play the d6 move. But according to engine analysis, revealed that Bxa6 is a bad move as black has an intermetzo move: Qa5+ and then captures on a6 with the queen and guarde d6 square with both bishop and queen, but well in the game neither I nor my opponent did not see that in-between check, it was 3 min blitz and we are not champions! These are next few moves:

Wow! Bxd6?? why it's such a bad move? He just captured a pawn and is a pawn up! But notice that his king is not castled yet and white casteled and already developed many pieces but all pieces of block are blocked either by their own pawns or each other.


Can you spot a nice tactic which leads to clear win for white?

Hint one: Develop pieces!

Big hint: white is not care if give up an undeveloped rook for bishop.

Ok, I'm pretty sure you find out the solution, let see the whole tactic with engine analysis together.



P.S: I don't know how to set start point of each board if someone is familiar with it let me know this in comments.