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A love hate relationship with chess!

Jun 4, 2009, 3:59 PM 1

I have been playing chess for a couple years now on and off. I feel in love with the game when i watched the movie Searching for Bobby Fisher years ago with my brother. (A great movie by the way check it out if you have never seen it) I have always been intrigued with this game because of the mental ability that is needed to be good at it. Now I play people on here (started a few days ago) and I have a co-worker I play with from time to time. But I lose some chunks out of the games I play cause I cant always stay focused and keep my eyes on all the bases which gets me into trouble which is usually my demise. I hate losing cause I know I had a chance to win if i kept my whits up. But I cant stop playing because it challenges the mind (which I don't do very often) to look at every possibility and find the right solution which in turn is like life. I really love this game but I also hate it cause I think I can be better but I am not there yet. If you agree sent me some of your imput.

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