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First HPL Tournament Chapter I: The Initial Shock

First HPL Tournament Chapter I: The Initial Shock

Oct 6, 2009, 4:57 PM 1

The first half dozen games of what I believe to be the very first Howard Phillip Lovecraft Chess Tournament have now finished, leaving a trail of death and insanity in their illimitable wake. Of those brave six investigators who dared plumb the stygian depths of chessic terror, only the most steadfast and sane will survive to face the mind-blasting entities beyond the veil of the third round matches. But one meticulous hero has yet to untap the wellsprings of psyche-shattering revelations. Carefully he learns what he can of the guards and wards, protecting himself and executing careful forays against the crazed cults and lesser servants of the Ancient Ones. But as his hesitant progress through the necropolyptic darkness uncovers fresh nightmares, the others tumble deeper and deeper into unthinkable gulfs of unguessable and unreedeemable damnations.


The following image will give the curious reader some idea of the scope and nature of the devilish perils awaiting those foolish enough to participate in this ultimate showdown against cosmic forces of sheer malice. Beware, this vista of frightful dispair is not for the faint of heart, those of sensative or imaginative nature are advised to turn back, and peruse these dread records no farther!








If this is not enough to turn the very blood in your veins to solid ice, you will likely shudder to learn that you may witness the entire event, for in spite of the absurdity of such awful madness I assure you it truly occured! That is right gentle reader, the shocking revelation is yours at last. "... by God Eliot! IT WAS A PHOTOGRAPH FROM LIFE!"




(Quote is from Pickman's Model by H.P.Lovecraft, reproduced without permission but in accordance with public usage allowance under the freedom of information act, for informative and educational purposes only)



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