Proud of  your family name?

Proud of your family name?

Apr 22, 2012, 7:36 AM |

most people don't realize that they have a family crest. otherwise known as your COAT OF ARMS. a persons crest defines some of the families values and strengths. when you see it for the first  time it is a very prideful event. there is usually a family motto with the crest.the motto would be in latin but should have a translation. also the colors used on ones crest have meanings as well as the symbols.  i have a team based on the crest and pride in ones last name. this is my crest.  very small i know but at the bottom is the motto. In Fide en et Bello Fortis.  translates to    Strong both in Faith and War.  anyone intersted in knowing if they have a crest or want to join a great team let me know.   team title   (Coat of Arms)  peace TC this is another example. this is my mothers maidens name.