New video series: Weekly TOP 5 PLAYS on!

New video series: Weekly TOP 5 PLAYS on!

Jul 6, 2013, 1:04 PM |

Hey hey hey! 

I have been toying with this idea for quite a while.. and I think it is a good time to try it :) 


The idea is extremely simple - a video of the best plays of the week on this site, submitted by you! You play a game on (other platforms will not count, sorry), you make a masterful play, you send the link to me and if I think it is worthy, I add it to the Youtube video. If the series can take off, maybe we can start doing polls where people could vote on their favorites and select them to the video that way. 

I assume most of you are familiar with, say, NBA's daily "Top 10 plays" videos - that is the general idea. Except it would most likely be weekly and about chess :) 

I imagine the application format as the following - a link to your game, a number of the move/sequence of moves which you think is worthy and a light commentary on your part (optional). I will NOT add entire games to the video - only specific positions which had great moves/variations afterwards. If you have your own video footage of the moment when that great play happened, even better! You can also link it to me and I will make the required video editing to add it in. Everything should be sent to me via PM. 

I am going to do some light/color commentary to the plays as well.

There are, no prizes (again, maybe someday?!) or anything of the sort if your play makes the video.  It is, however, a good chance for you to show your masterpiece to a wider audience and get some positive feedback and encouragement! :) 

These series are not officially endorsed by (maybe one day, if we are succesful?!), but since I love this site and the community I'd like to give my homage to it, therefore only games played on will count. 


I am going to create the first video if I get AT LEAST 15 submissions in this first week. 


Do you think this idea has potential? Let me know what you think! As usual, any comments/suggestions on how to improve this idea are welcome and would be much appreciated. 


I am very much looking forward to doing this and seeing your great plays, so if you are interested, let the game-link-sending begin! :)


Best of luck at the boards,

TVEDAS is out.