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Chess Live Blitz: Live Blitze Game #1 Vs Guest479389

Chess Live Blitz: Live Blitze Game #1 Vs Guest479389

Jun 12, 2010, 10:21 AM 0

   Hello everyone and welcome to my first live blitz game. I will be doing many live blitz games on Youtube. Also I will up with post game analysis for each. This live blitz game was played on the www.playchess.com server which I think is one of the best servers to play online chess on. I played Guest479389 and I think I played quite well. Except for a couple of mistakes which I will be showing you in my analysis. Anyways just sit back and enjoy!

If you are going to comment on a certain position, please tell me the position you are referring to. Also include the move order so I know which move it is. If you are going to include certain variations put brackets in between them. This makes it a lot easier for me to understand you. Thank you and enjoy the video!


These are the two videos that I posted, now you can take a look at the game that was played if you could not follow it on the video. I will put the other PGN file with full analysis and annotations later in another blog post. This is the main game PGN. You are more than welcome to analyze it by yourself. Here is the game.

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