Chess for Fun, Chess for Blood

Chess for Fun, Chess for Blood

Jun 29, 2017, 6:57 AM |

I bought the book "Chess for Fun, Chess for Blood"

It had the charm of being really cheap.

Reading through it I have to say that Lasker's points about people who play Chess for fun strike close to home.  He, Lasker, relates the games he played with a famous virtuoso violinist (unnamed).   The fun the violinist had was in exercising his own mind to figure out things that he could have spent time learning from a book or a teacher.

The fun for the 'patzer' was in the discovery.

Plus, the guy was a world-class violinist, so - I mean - hell, the guy had talent.

Such is my case.  

I'm in the noodling-around-on-the-piano phase of learning Chess.  And I'm having fun.