Me vs Tactics Trainer

Me vs Tactics Trainer

Jul 31, 2017, 7:48 AM |

I don't so much loathe Tactics Trainer as I despise the thing.

My typical Tactics Trainer session

Right  --- +3
Right ---  +8

Right --- +5
Wrong ---  - 47

The actual numbers might be different, but that is exactly what it feels like.

I readily acknowledge I'm not the sharpest knight in the chess box.  I understand that there are concepts that I've yet to identify, let alone master.  And I understand that there's a learning curve.

But, I'm quite certain that - at times - I've chosen a perfectly adequate move for which I'm penalized.   Or the computer makes a response move which I can't imagine a living, breathing human making.  

Which, I understand, may be a failure on my part and not the system itself.  There being more to Heaven and Chess than is encompassed in my philosophy, and all that.

But, damn .... you get a series of problems right and then BLAMM-O - those gains are blown out because ...

Just because.

Tactics Trainer doesn't actually 'splain why it is your choice is wrong.