My Bold Chess Goals

My Bold Chess Goals

Jun 16, 2017, 2:11 PM |

Having just picked up chess again after 45 or so years -- wow! the Internet! -- here are my initial thoughts after about 500 games


1.  Chess and watching television is a bad combination

2.  The dog sitting on your lap when you're moving a piece can lead to unintended placement of that piece
3.  After the third move there are literally ten or so possible moves - maybe more.  I'm still checking on that.
4.  As in Space, on no one can hear you scream
5.  Chess and A Beer, Good: Chess and Beer, Bad

1.  To make an intentional Queen Sacrifice by seeing the capture before moving the queen.
2.  Remembering where the other player's pieces are before moving my own.
3.  Play a Pawn-Rook endgame where it doesn't feel like I'm herding a flock of ducklings across a busy highway
4.  Get comfortable with having a 40-50 move plan rather than playing for a 20-30 win.
5.  Learn how to say 'en passant' all French-like
6.  Learn who this Najdorf guy is and why he's playing my opening


having gone from 500 to 800ish in a month, the plan (as such) is :
Stay around 800-900 through the Summer playing less but thinking more
Stick with "Opening Principles" rather than trying to Learn Specific Openings to figure out what kind of (bad) player I am.
Be more conscious when I'm playing badly (reflexive take-backs, not doing Check, Threat, the other thing before moving a piece.

Original Chess Quips (not necessarily unique)

Chess is like sex:

... the quicker you finish the sooner you can do it again.

... hours of practice by yourself improves your performance when you're playing with someone else

... there are stereotypes based on nationality

... it helps to know how to get yourself out of bad positions

... you need to consider how the other person will react to your moves

...  if your lucky and/or good you can have multiple queens