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Jul 3, 2017, 10:58 AM 0

My slow, steady climb to Chess mediocrity has become a Sinusoidal journey of Mobius strip like proportions.

Or something.

There seems to be aa correlation between 'paying attention to the game' and the score going up.  The "up a hundred' 'down a hundred' synchs up with my watching tv or otherwise futzing around rather than playing a game.

This morning, though, I had four (4) straight games where I blundered my queen by the 10th move.  Seriously.  

I had to check to make sure I didn't have malware installed which made the queen look a pawn.

After the 2nd 'oh shit' moment I swore I'd not lose a queen for the rest of the games I played today.   After the 3rd and 4th 'oh shit' moments in the next two immediate games I put down the Bloody Mary and decided to play the game in focus mode with the television off, the dog outside, with a nice cup of tea.

That seemed to help.

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