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The Queen is Not The King ...

The Queen is Not The King ...

Jun 18, 2017, 9:33 AM 0

The man who mistook his opponent's Queen for his King.

Two disclaimers:  1)  I recognize I suck at chess at the moment.  I'm having ... fun? ....  relearning how to play.   2)  I made a Splendid (for me) Move only to realize that the chess piece on the opposite side of the guard was the Queen and not the King.

Queens can move a lot farther than Kings, given the room.   So, I sacrificed a Queen in a hilariously Oops moment.   In retrospect.



The mitigating factor is that I normally play 10 minute but toss in a couple of three minute games figuring that I can 'test the instincts' and then go over them later.  I thought I was playing a ten minute game, only to discover after a nice, long thought that I had about 2 minutes on the clock and not 8.

At some point I hope to be less Daffy Duck in these kinds of fast matches.







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