Obviousman and Chess

Obviousman and Chess

Jun 23, 2017, 7:47 AM |


'Non Sequitor's - Obviousman

As my father used to tell me "Son, you aren't fast, but you are slow ... " and then he'd repeat the sequence of operations for me:  first lather, then rinse, then repeat.

And through the magic of repetition and shouted threats I was able to wash my hair the way other people do.  Chess is a lot like that.

But, in time, after sufficient number of loses, certain things have soaked into my rock-like skull.

Here are a couple:

This is a bad position to be in if I'm black.  Pretty much, any asshole rook can checkmate in one.   Which should have been intuitively obvious from the first time I pushed a piece on the chess board.   This being Chess, there's a German word for this situation:  DerKönigbrauchtLuftodereristtot

When my opponent's Horsey and his Queen get together, bad things can happen.   I shouldn't forget to notice when the Horsey and the Queen start moving in concert.

I found out there's a Chess term for this arrangement of the Queen and the Bishop.  It's called 'A Battery' - because the first piece commits an assault and the second piece then commits battery.

Note to Self:  Check to see if the Queen and the Bishop are in cahoots.  Preferably BEFORE making some move that you think has a greater strategic value.

There are better, actual Chess instruction grade, diagrams available on Chess.com ... and in books.  I'm just including them here on the off chance that the act of my making those diagrams might help me not get Surprise Mated when the knight and the queen get all up in my King's grill.

We shall see.