Chess960: Love it or Hate it?

Jul 10, 2009, 4:27 AM |

A New Generation on Chess960

Two weeks ago, Chess960 was launched on I disliked it. Enjoying standard chess was enough fun for me. Suddenly there were lots of Chess960 tournaments and everybody was talking about it. About how to open a Chess960 match and how to castle. However I was dissappointed in for launching Chess960, I gave it a try.

Now I've played three matches and I love it! It has so many variations, that you must keep thinking until you find a perfect move in your situations. Chess960 really shows how well you play chess. A good chessplayer must be able to adjust to every position, even if the position is very unlikely. Players with high and low Standard Chess are more equal in Chess960, because higher-rated players are more used to openings they studied. Thats why higher-rated players try to keep distance from Chess960, but one day, they'll fall for it like I did.

What about you; do you love it or hate it?