Talfan's game of the day

Talfan's game of the day

Oct 12, 2008, 2:04 AM |

I try to go through a game a day to improve my chess skills. In order to do this I try to analyse the game, without using a chess engine. Here I will post a game each day with my analysis. The analysis is mostly for my own sake, as it will most likely be incorrect, as I will not be checking it using a computer. Still I hope to gather a nice colection of well played games. I invite you to leave some comments about the games as well, and maybe we can all learn together.

GAME OF THE DAY 12/10/08

                                              Edit : Rubbish... When i edited my post this game got deleted somehow, including all the comments. Need to be more careful in future it seems.

Instead here is a different Smyslov - Kasparov game where Kasparov pulls off a deep sacrifice. Have a look for yourself :












GAME OF THE DAY 13/10/08

I am not going to analyse this game but fantastic analysis has already been done, just check this website : http://www.angelfire.com/games4/lifemasteraj/_Tal/tal_t-vs-sima1_ts.html

(Erik can remove this link if linking to outside websites are not allowed)

15. Rb1!! Is the move of the game, and a hard move to find. This is Tal at the age of 19 and making his first big debut. It's a beautiful game!