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Openings That Work For You...

Openings That Work For You...

Jun 15, 2011, 2:11 PM 1

So lately as white I've been playing the Vienna Game and as black I've been playing mostly the Caro Kann with the occasional French Defnce, but lately I've been trying to find an opening that will catch my opponent off guard that they might not know how to play against. I have heard about the Hedgehog Defence so if you have any comments on that that woud be great.I am writing this blog so you can comment and tell me what Personaly woks for you and how you like to play it and your strategy while playing your opening as white and your defence as black. Also, if any one has an opening that might not be as well known as lets say the kings gambit I would greatly appreciate you stating so in your comments. Please leave your comments below, please describe what works for you and expand on your comments. Thank you. Tampatown727. God Bless!

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