A near Karyakin experience

Mar 9, 2015, 9:20 AM |

I am waiting to cross a street in a populous area of Taipei when I notice another westerner to my left.

He looks just like Sergey Karyakin.

For a more than a moment I glance at him, and consider asking ... "Sergey...?"

But then I decide ... "Nah, it's just a look alike" and we cross the street never to see each other again. I could not fail to notice that the guy I saw had a prominent birthmark above his left lip. So, I decide that once I get home, I'll check if the real Karyakin has a birthmark above his lip as well. Just to make sure it really was just a Doppelganger.

When I get home, to my astonishment I discover that the real Sergey has a very prominent birthmark above his lip!

For a moment I think if would even had anything to get an autograph on me, and mentally smacking myself for not saying anything.

Then it strikes me. Sergey's birthmark is on the other side of the face (on the right side)! And besides, Sergey was in Latvia playing Petrov memorial until yesterday...