OTB chess in Taipei

Feb 24, 2015, 11:19 PM |

This is mostly relevant to Taipei / Taiwan based chess friends.

Since 2012 we have been meeting on Wednesday evenings at Starbucks on ShiDa Road. A few weeks ago, the admin of the facebook group changed the location on FB to Vinyl Decision, a record store down the brown line.

To be honest, Vinyl Decision seems like a good place to gather. And since many of the regulars live down the brown line, it suits many of them better than Starbucks in the ShiDa area.

Personally, VD is a very inconvenient location. It would take me about 1.5h to get there from work (four transfers between buses and MRT), and over an hour to get home. Adding the time to grab a bite, it would add up to more time than there would be for chess.

There are others who also find the new location inconvenient; who continue to gather at Starbucks as usual. We have had 4-5 people last few Wednesdays. A few new ones are coming tonight, maybe there is interest enough for two chess get-togethers?

So, if down the brown line is not great for you either ... see you at Starbucks! :-)