Taiwan Nationals 2013 -- part 10: being a foreigner

Apr 14, 2013, 8:41 PM |

They have special rules for foreigners, regarding how many can advance to what stage. In the finals they also (for some reason) have special treatments on our games (that we should play each other the last three rounds). It is round-robin so the order should be irrelevant.

This time the setup favours us.

The slots assigned to us contain more white games than black games, so we have more than 50% chance of getting white. Sweet, but unfair.

Also, we know each other -- so there is a risk for a friendly draw in the case one of us needs a half a point to win the championship.

The motivation for this setup is to make it more 'exciting' -- which is a bad thing to begin with. There is nothing to be gained by applying more pressure on us. 

Since we are advantaged by this, it is not discrimination. Just cluelessness from the organizers. 

Why not let the same apply to everyone?