Taiwan Nationals 2013: part 4 -- making new rules

Mar 28, 2013, 7:00 PM |

How does castling work when king and queen happen to be swapped since beginning of the game?

Here in Taiwan according to the local arbiters it works as: kingside castling resulting in a king on f8 and a rook on e8. And similarily a queenside castling ends up with king on b8 and rook on c8.

Of course, in the rest of the world the game would be restarted -- or possibly castling not being allowed for black.

The example above is a true example (from nationals 2012) -- for some reason the 'victim' of the ruling is not playing this year.

I think the example above is due to two factors:

  • The FIDE arbiters seminar only counting attendance, there is no exam that actually checks that attendees really learn anything. So you can just pay and get your certificate.
  • A local culture that forbids anyone (in power) to express weakness or ignorance. So better to give firm ruling in *some* way, than to lose face showing your ignorance.

The player who was disadvantaged by this knew (and argued for) the correct rules, but in vain.