Taiwan Nationals 2014: part 2 -- unorganization

Feb 25, 2014, 1:18 AM |

Yesterday I played in the first qualifier for Taiwan Nationals. And every time, one cannot stop being astonished by ... the lack of common sense and organization skills displayed.


The number of players were 101. The zero tolerance rule is strictly enforced (you lose the game if you are not seated at round starting time). To make this a challenge in its own, only one list of the pairings is taped to a wall a 3-4 minutes before the start time. Result: all 101 players (and 30+ parents of players) squeeze ahead to see the pairings. Hurry, hurry, find your seat in 3 minutes! Otherwise you lose!


Reminds me of feeding animals.


The ones who are standing closest to the list, are considerate as always, and put their hands on the list trying to follow the lines with their index fingers. Which covers the pairings from the rest of us standing in the crowd about a meter away. 

Why not post 3-4 copies, a little spread out? And relax the zero-tolerance rule while you are at it?

Usually I would have suggested that. But as I wrote in part 1, this year it felt like I should keep a low profile.


According to some of the players who were there early enough, the first pairings published, did not suit the taste of some (influential) player. So the organizers just re-paired the round! (This is the unconfirmed rumour at least)

Does it happen anywhere else, that a player who does not like the opponent they are paired with, gets to complain and get a re-pairing!?


The organizers did not know how to operate the digital clocks, so they changed the announced time control to a different and shorter one. One that they at least did manage to set.



I can probably go on forever about things like this. This is what happens when non-chess players try to organize events. Heard it has improved a lot in the last 5-6 years though.