Taiwan Nationals 2014: part 6 -- Final day 1

Apr 12, 2014, 8:44 AM |

 The final first day was today. The format is three 90+30 games in a day, which is almost inhuman. The allocated time per game is 4h, and if your game is still going on when the next round starts -- you are granted a 15 minute break. Not nearly enough to even buy food, eat or calm down from a time scramble.

The first round, I played Tony, and our game was over ~25 minutes before the next round would start. I told my opponent something like "not even half an hour to eat". He though I was joking, was gone for 40 minutes having lunch -- and lost on the zero tolerance rule.

Also the zero tolerance rule does not apply to the organizers. The announced time today was 8:30 in the morning, but at that time only a bunch of clueless players had arrived. The organizers arrived 20 minutes late, eating further into the playing schedule.

Anyway, I got only one point of three. Beat Tony in a nice game, lost to Brian (was rook up and all, computer says +5.70 for me), and then went on losing to Jei (with a minor piece endgame evaluating where my connected passed pawns are evaluated -2.70 in my favour).

In the diagram: my loss to Brian (who never thought longer than a few seconds on his moves!)







 Another thing that makes me unaesy. The arbiter is the dad of one of the players, and he is running chess engines on the games.