PRO Chess League Week 8 Predictions

PRO Chess League Week 8 Predictions

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It's finally time for what is expected to be the most exciting part of the PRO Chess League: The Playoffs!

Here are my biased predictions:

Eastern Division:

Norway Gnomes 10,5
Mumbai Movers 5,5

The Gnomes have underperformed, but this time I expect them to finally show their class with 14 y/o Tor Fredrik Kaasen (who just recently scored his 2nd IM norm), on 4th board.

Gorky Stormbringers 5
Riga Magicians 11

The Magicians won't screw this one up.

Central Division:

Cannes Blockbusters 8,5
London Lions 7,5

Cannes the Blockbusters pull this one off?

Amsterdam Mosquitoes 8,5
London Towers 7,5

Hard to predict, but the Mosquitoes's will win by an inch.

Atlantic Division:

Toronto Dragons 7
Miami Champions 9

Miami's young 4th board is a weakness, but it helps to have three top GM's led by superstar Lenier Dominguez.

Montclair Sopranos 9
Philadelphia Inventors 7

I'm still rooting for the Sopranos with their ex-wunderkind Marc Arnold on board.

Pacific Division:

Dallas Destiny 9
San Jose Hackers 7

Predicting a small upset for the young team against Mamedyarov & co.

San Diego Surfers 8,5
Rio Grande Ospreys 7,5

I feel the Surfers are a little bit more experienced.

Tarjei J. Svensen

Tarjei Svensen is a Norwegian chess journalist who worked for some of the country's biggest media outlets and appeared on several national TV broadcasts. Between 2015 and 2019, he ran his chess website, covering chess news in Norwegian and partly in English.

In 2020, he was hired by Chess24 to cover chess news, eventually moving to as a full-time chess journalist in 2023. He is also known for his extensive coverage of chess news on his X/Twitter account.