15 Ways To Make A Guy Smile

Jan 10, 2012, 2:49 PM |

Laughing15 Ways To Make A Guy Smile  Laughing

1. Always Snuggle Wink

2. Kiss him passionately Kiss

3. Give him romantic presents 

4. Always say "I Love You " - those three words mean a lot '

5. Cuddle on the sofa with him to watch romantic movies and give him big hugs 

6. Always share your joy with him

7. Always let him know you care 

8. Text and ring him up Wink it shows how much you care 

9. ALWAYS laugh at his jokes 

10. Share your secrets with him 

11. Give him a good massage if you're good at that kind of thing :P

12. Take pics and have fun together 

13. Wear cute clothes he likes to see 

14. Compliment him - make him feel good about himself , AND 

15. Be yourself , don't try to hard 

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