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A True Story about me and chess.com

Jun 4, 2011, 12:32 AM 33

There are lots of things in the world which has no answer same in my story I has no answer.I never played chess before i was a very serious kind of a guy who dont enjoys his life who always be in dipression who dont know anything about him who is he who he wants to be but there are few things just happens in life which changes your life which changes your way to live if fact it changes you In my area no one know tayyab some says he is to serious he talks very less he dont go on outing so no one wants to be my friend because i got the tag in my life and in it it was written i am boring and it is true i really accepted  that but here in chess.com things certainly changed against me I made a serious username because i never played chess before january 11 2011 and that was idontknowplayingchess now a very common name of chess.com It changes my world around me people started to think that i am a funny guy who respect others someone has gifted  me membership someone made me a cop of chess.com someone made me oscar worst player actually i made myself oscar worst player here i have made a lots of friends and all are very good one which always supports me I cant take names here because now my friend list is a little long so i want to thank each and every of my friend who consider me a funny guy who respect others Thats a huge compliment Thankyou all and remember me always there where ever you find difficulty in life i will be there for you before anyone else and its my Promise

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