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Luck or Hard Work

Jul 1, 2011, 2:05 PM 5

Luck and hard work two very diffrent things but they have a very close relationship.The difficulty is which thing to rely on because some times luck wins and sometimes hard work.The hard work depends upon luck that how much you have a chance or time to do the hard work and luck can be changed by hard work.Best thing about luck is that if its working for someone it can be lethal for him like if a person is applying for a visa of another country and working very hard for it sometimes does not achive the visa while a lucky person get that without any struggle.The best thing about hard working is it cannot improve your luck but it can give you profit somewhere in your life because if it is done truly by heart and dignity it can change it is better then luck.Conclusion time both of things has one example each given by me I said hard work is better then luck suppose a person is lucky in chess he is keep winning just because of luck but he is not a good player he can be beaten by a person who has done hard work on his strategy without his luck.Luck does not support you always but true hardwork will be always with you.A person can have good times and bad times which are depending on his luck but these times can only be changed by hardwork.Thats my personal opinion wanna know about others people thought about it so please comment your opinion

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