Thinking processes

Nov 20, 2014, 12:58 PM |

I came up with a thinking process to use during a chess game and I decided to share it publicly because 1) It's the system I currently use and if there's any improvement I can make I would like to know and 2) It might help someone who doesn't know how to organize their thoughts during a game of chess. This is a system that I use to find the best move for any given position. If you have any thoughts or questions, just comment below. Here it is:

1) What is my opponent's plan? 

Check out your opponent's last move and examine the strategic features of his position. Determine what his plan and keep that in mind while you work on step 2.

2) What's my plan?

Do the same examination of your position that you did of his position on your own. Once that is done, come up with a good plan that you would like to execute. Is it to carry out some of the advantages latent in your position? Is it just to sit tight and hold out until an endgame? Is it to prevent your opponent from trying to execute his plan? Now is the time to figure this out.

3) What are my candidate moves?

With your strategic plan in mind, now your job is to find moves that support your plan. Use tactics if necessary. In fact, you can use this time to look for tactics in your favor. But the main focus of this part is to look for candidate moves, not just tactics, because sometimes there aren't any.

4) What's my opponent's next response?

Now's the time to falsify any of the candidate moves you made. Search for your opponent's next response. Can he reply with a tactic? Can he just push foward with his plan? Do this for all your candidate moves until one of three things happen:

1. You have one move left: Just play it!

2. You have more than one move left: Pick the one that you feel most benefits your position. It may take a second or two, but you need to find the very best move you can play!

3. You have no moves left: Go back to step 3 and find more moves, once you have moves, you can come back to step 4.


This, I feel, is a pretty darn good thinking system for finding the best move in a game. There's one flaw I see with it: There's nothing to do while it's your opponent's move. If you know how to fix that, please let me know! I would really appreciate that.


Have an awesome day :)