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Tactics! Tactics!! Tactics!!!

Tactics! Tactics!! Tactics!!!

Sep 16, 2015, 8:10 AM 12


            Hello Everyone! This time I will present some of the tactics occured in my games played on chess.com.. They are in puzzle mode, so that you can try yourselves to solve them!! Wink 


 1. Here White is up material, but White Queen is pinned to the King by Black Rook which is defended by the Black's Bishop on g7. I am about to loose my Queen! What should I do?


2. White is up a piece and winning! Can you finish it off in style?

3. This one is little bit difficult compared to the other puzzles. White's e4 pawn is attacked twice by Black's b7 Bishop & f6 Knight. It is only protected once, so Black can win a pawn if we don't do anything. But do we have to protect our pawn or do we have anything better here?


 4. This is not much about attacking. This is about defending and consolidating into a winning position with the help of tactics.

                       Hope you enjoyed the article!
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