Hello Chess.com & Me, my favourite Games for a Beginner and future plans here (Beginner Lessons)

Jan 17, 2012, 11:38 AM |

Hello and welcome to my very first blog in my life!

I'm a 27 years old student from germany, cologne, and a beginner in chess. My father taught me to play it when I was a kid but somehow I wasn't paying attention to chess anymore. Around 10 years later, I remember how fascinated I was to still be able to play the game... in a real bad way... doing some pyramide-defenses with my pawns and later I wondered why I always loose. Since 1-2 years, I finally decided to buy some real beginner books and Ubisofts Chessmaster 12, which helped me alot thanks to the interactive tutorials (especially those created by Josh Waitzkin). Last year in May, I found chess.com and various other websites and was only reading through the forums and watching the price for the diamond membership because I'm eyeing it since 6 months and => it's finally time for it after some weeks.

My biggest problems in chess are these here:

  • Opening mistakes/traps
  • Hard to go/think for the long run with a strategy
  • Too many weak moves

What I will try is to make a nice small compilation for beginners, which will help beginners to start working their ladder up to the next level. Chess is about tactics, pattern recognition, memory skills, your character and intuition and much more. To make a start, it's important to watch and analyze games from great masters too since you simply need to see and play many games in order to have something in your memory.

Since this is the beginning of this (hopefully) blog-series, I will start with 4 very nice famous and, for beginners, entertaining games which I commented in some points because it's important for the beginner to know, what white or black wants to accomplish and why a move did occur (and I needed some more blog-practise ofcourse!). The diagram's and comments are beginner style since I test myself if I'm capable of creating all this stuff with no problems. Like I said it's my first time creating a blog.

And now have fun some of my favourite and for beginners VERY entertainment games! Wink (Btw.. these are my first comments! Not complete, not accurate but at least something to read from a beginners point of view. Tried to describe what happened in these games for myself too (and for possible beginner-readers).


Morphy vs. NN (Fried Liver Attack 1)


 Morphy vs. A. Morphy (Fried Liver Attack 2)


 Edwin Ziegler Adams vs. Carlos Torre-Repetto ("Take my wife. Please!")

Here is the last one, a legend of a match called "The Immortal Game" played by Adolf Anderssen vs. Lionel Adalbert Bagration Felix Kieseristky (<= give me a break!)
There are more fun and amazing games on chess.com and on other plattforms. Just look for them and soon I'll quickly show a compilation of tactical tools you will have to learn. I will give you some tips and hints what to watch out for and what you could use to support your learning process. There are sure many more blogs, guides, tutorials, videos but well, this is my little project and maybe there are other beginners at the same position like me so my blog isn't that wrong I think. The accuracy and completeness of all posts depend on my available time.
UPDATE: I'm already doing my first lesson about all tactical tools. Just finished "Forks" now and soon "Skewers". Every tactical tool will contain: 1 example to show what's it about and 5 tasks. I don't know if I should do it all in one blog or in seperate blogs, have to think about that. I'm planning to do these lessons as professional and as complete as I can. Mainly this little project was to write down all my thoughts and, let's say, to clear my cache inside my brain. Need every Megabyte available for my progress in chess.
You can give me hints, critcs, what-do-make-better comments if you like! Thank you in advance and =>
Have fun learning!