The Journey Begins!

The Journey Begins!

Apr 14, 2011, 10:03 PM |

So, I have begun my journey into the world of chess and tactics! I am planning on writing in this blog just to keep my self entertained between games, or because I'm just bored.

Anyways...I hope to learn enough from this site and some light reading (seriously light) in order to gain an increased amount of knowledge into the heart and soul of what is...Chess!

Many people, probably no one really, write blogs on sites like this or really any blogs. Well, I for one am an occasional blogger (see: ). I don't really do it for other. Hell, I doubt anyone's read a thing that I've written - no, I do it for me, write my thoughts, journalize since I HATE writing on paper.

My chess life:

I am a beginner with some knowledge. Knowledge which I have never used due to my lack of staying interested. I play French because it's beautiful; therefore black is my preferred color. I have a friend who is my mentor per se, and it is through him that I ask my questions. Due to his reading of numerous books on this game I feel that I don't really need to read much, so I ask him my questions. Also: I hate reading unless it's a very select group of works, mainly thrillers and that kind of non-sense.

That's pretty much it! My first ramblings on this site. I'll try to keep it up if you want to read more, or if I just feel like writing more.

Stay Classy ;)