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Another Great Chess Website...

Jan 18, 2011, 11:26 PM 1

Hi! It's TDP. I realized that many more chess websites are popping up. So many I can't even keep track of (I'm on chessgames.com, thechesswebsite.com, theredpawn.com, much more), but I would like to acknowledge one great chess site, chessthegameofkings.com. This fascinating chess site has many great features from famous player's bios to chess terminology. Unfortunately, this excellent site does not get the support it needs. It began in about December and now it only has 2 members... me and the creator Jordan. I'm a mod on the site and it's quite boring without any forums posts. We need action! If you only like chess.com with "3 TIMES THE NATIONAL AVERAGE!" CapitalOne, population, please give other sites a chance and join this great site. Thanks if you do. By the way, on chessthegameofkings.com, my username is still TheDestructivePawn. Cool

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