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My thoughts on chess...

My thoughts on chess...

Dec 3, 2010, 7:49 PM 3

This is my blog voicing all my thoughts on chess. If you are interested, you can read my entire blog. Usually, I write only blogs discussing openings. My previous blogs are shown here:

I recently just read a forum by uhohspaghettio (http://www.chess.com/forum/view/general/im-giving-up-chess-im-done?page=1)

...saying that he was quiting chess. This led me to upload my thoughts on chess.

1. Basically, chess is as massive as the universe... Chess has millions of moves possible from the worst to the strongest. For me, it is really confusing to decide all those moves. A new thing about chess.com is that they have a "grandmaster level" computer that analyzes your games. The problem with it is that almost every move analyzed by the computer is either a mistake, an inaccuracy, or a blunder. I know it's probably because I'm not awesome at chess or anything, but just to have almost every move disagreed with the computer feels discouraging or maybe even angry. I am aware of the variations the computer provides, but what use is that? If you're in the middle game and after you finish it, the computer says you made a blunder during the middle game and gives you a bunch of variations, what the hell are you supposed to do? Memorize them? The chances of you getting that same middle game where you blunder are obviously low. 

2. Chess is always expanding... new openings created everyday... new variations... new defenses... so you get the idea. What do you do about that? Openings invented everyday, some aggressive, some passive, some tactical, some positional. The problem with this is that how do you deflect all of them... many openings have many traps. Study all the openings there are? Quite unlikely. Your best response is to probably stop and think for a moment. Wait, is this a trap? Now, thats what I love about chess... you have to concentrate and think. Same goes for everything in chess. Also, in chess, unique moves are created everyday. For example, I'm white and I play 1.f4 e4 2.g4 d5?? then the new variation would be called- Fool's Mate, Idiot's Variation. This demonstrates that chess is always expanding.

Conclusion: Chess is a great game! It's something that makes you think for a while. It also helps important skills develop. But, it is also something you should avoid getting addicted to, this makes you play chess a bit worse. Try taking a long break if you can't resist it. Regardless of that, chess is a fascinating board game, one that has survived for centuries. I would like to thank chess.com for this excellent website honoring chess. Thanks for reading and please post your comments!

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