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Really? A defense vs. the Fried Liver?

Really? A defense vs. the Fried Liver?

Apr 4, 2011, 7:32 PM 6

Yes, I know... the title or the image must have attracted you here. So getting to the point, I was watching a tournament game last Saturday when I found an ambitious amateur playing the Fried Liver Attack. Now normally you play d5 as a defense to it if you're black. The defender responded with a counter-attack and to my amazement, Black utterly destroyed White. Now unfortunatly, I didn't see the beginning of the entire game, but I think this was Black's responses to Ng4.



Now looking at this move... you're probably thinking, "Well, why'd you move there? You allow the fork." There is a good reason to move there though the position is unclear. Look at this interesting sequence of moves...

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