My Website and Blog

FM TheDragon2000
Feb 21, 2015, 5:47 AM |

I have created a website and blog about me and all things chess!

Please, tell me what you think! 

Future planned topics:

  • Psychology and nerves
  • A Comparison of Chess Publishers
  • How I Learn and Organise Openings
  • Various Guides to Using Chessbase
  • Best Chess Programs (Besides Chessbase)
  • How to Study Endgames
Any other ideas for topics?
On a side note, I am also opening up to coaching. I have self-coached myself to FM, so I have good idea of what I am doing. It would be done on or ICC using skype. I could cover topics of your choosing or I could design a customised program for you.
I also could design custom opening repertoire files in PGN format or detailed analysis of games (in batches of 5).
My fees are also extremely reasonable (pretty much the lowest around).
Drop me a message if you might be interested.