40 days later

Aug 27, 2008, 9:16 AM |

The Tactics Trainer has worked wonders. The pawns are great shape-

they even look good as Queens! Though lost a few queens in battle, clone a few

during battle as well. The Clones -quickily- got transferred to another battle.

  The Great King 'the first' in the last 40 days, won more then ten games- went

from 1141 to 1435. It was an Eureka experience!

   But the war is not over! One battle, One game at a time.. Rumor has it

their are 250,000 armies out there.

  Well, anyway, just hope they don't attack in "3D".. and Hollow'd be thy King!

Our God the Writer- may he never run out of ink!

    And Speaking for the Great King- over and out.