Playing the Computer

Feb 26, 2009, 10:38 PM |


         So far I've been hovering around 1300- 1500, with a high of 1533. 'Tactics Trainer' has kept me in most of the games.

    Now, I'm playing the 'Computer' more and more.. At beginner, I almost always win. Though, Its the- 'Hard' -setting that kills me. The computer usually beats me in under 25 moves, except my last game.

My king was trapped by the computers two rooks, no matter where I moved the king- the computer couldn't checkmate me. And though the computer had a knight, bishop and six pawns- it was trapped trying to checkmate me! It was like an eternal struggle.

   You see, my king was stuck between A1-and C1. I had a bishop on f-1 protecting my knight on g-2, with a castle on F-2 threatning one of the computers' two rooks- when I got the chance.. The computer had a rook at D-2 and second rook checking me between A-2 to B-2 to C-2, then back to b-2 to A-2 to b-2 to c-2 etc.

It had a knight at f-6 and bishop at h-3, six pawns, but moving one of those pieces met I took the rook at D-2 -and threatning its other rook if he took my rook, depending on where my king was..

 I'm sure though, with six pawns, a knight and a bishop (threatning my knight)-to my four pawns, a knight and bishop, the computer would of won- if it tried to bring another piece in (the knight or moving up a pawn), sacrificing its rook at D-2.

But computers' think logically.I guess. and maybe it thought it could out last me. And well it did,  I gave up on time.. I'd be still playing if I didn't. So in a way, the computer won.


                                                            Well that's it for now