Dec 1, 2008, 9:30 AM |

    Just wondering, has anyone ever played a tournament and gotten cheated out of winning?

   I just played in the "Golden Summer Day Tournament" which took forever,it was a 12 player, 22 game, at 6 day per move tournament, I was 19-3.It listed 'Starbug' at 19.5-3 (23 games) as the winner. 

    Has anyone had any problems like this?

The tournament says all games 100 percent complete, but '-1' games remaining. And it turns out two players played three games in the tournament, Starbug,who was listed as the winner at 19.5-3 and player '11081995' at 6-17.

   I know this is just a game and has no reflexion on the real world of chess, or the host of the tournament, I was just curious..

    I'll have to win another tournament to find out whether its my computer, or the owner of ''.