Mistakes Happen

Dec 23, 2012, 9:27 AM |

Mistakes Happen ....

To make mistakes is human, but to profit from them is divine

We all do mistakes at some point or the other The inevitably happen.I read this in a book that explained to me mistakes are a part of life it is hard when you realise that you did something foolish but that is the time when you need to reach out to your senses and wait for an opportunity to strike back.Now is the most vulnarable time Now is when you need to strike.
We have done it,Making a mistake,shouting at yourself for doing the mistake and wondering that the game is gone now,and concentrating on what would have been the correct move and how would the game be if the move was the best move thus wasting our time to find what must have been the best move.Worth less calculations worthless tensions appear.
When ever we make a mistake we have 3 advantages:
The first one is that You are probably sure to lose the game and u dont have anything to fear now.U cant jump back in time and change the move what is done is done and shall remain that way.Forget thinking about what is done.Start thinking about what shoud be done.
You should benifit from the fact that your opponent has probably wasted a lot of time analysing the blunder you did.Use this as  a sword.
Second he must be probably deviated from the plan and requires some more tme to form another one.His pawn structure must be weakened or may be disoriented.Use this as a sheild.Form a good and inpregnable defence structure And hide behind your pawns.Go for some positional play.Let the  opponent think.
when the end of the game comes you will get a chance for vengence.He under immense time pressure does some blunders and take the this to your advantage.
Be like the cornered tiger the only way to go is through your enemy.go through his mind because the mind is the best weapon you have.