Not Your Average Opening (Part 1): Toilet Variation
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Not Your Average Opening (Part 1): Toilet Variation

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The Toilet Variation


This wacky but fun opening was first curated by a Grand Prix Attack player. (Click here to know more about the Grand Prix Attack Opening)
The Toilet Variation is quite aggressive, so make sure to wash your hands throughly after using.

The opening was created by Mark Hebden. 


This YouTube video shows a chess match that displays the Toilet Variation. This is not my video, please note.
Comment from @Jake Hanks: "A checkmate from the Toilet Variation should be called a Royal Flush"


So, what does the computer/engine have to say about this opening?

Well, it's about even - but it gives black the slight edge with -0.42. This can be considered even, especially as it is only in the early stage of the game.

Unfortunately, the database does not have many Toilet Variation games, so therefore it is not considered an actual opening and you will not find it in the Openings Explorer.


This is part one of Not Your Average Opening series. Let me know what you think of this opening, and have you ever come across it?

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