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The Student

Aug 8, 2013, 10:38 AM 0

I'm a student of life, a master of words & of silence.  I don't try or do, rather I doggedly pursue.  You just might beat me once, but then I know you, you most certainly won't succeed twice. There once was a man who danced like a butterfly and stung like a bee, he rapped like a poet, but currently he is no me.  So you just might catch me sleeping, it happens.  Buster caught Tyson, once in a while the Yankees have lost in the World Series.  Regardless of your ranking, win and run.....or give me a rematch, I dare you.  I'm a student of the human nature, a student of the game, and after one go around I've mastered yours.  Have a little pride and put it back on the line, so I can take it back and put it where it belongs.

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