Starting this.

Jan 9, 2012, 6:54 PM |

Well I don't really how does this really works...

What I have to tell now is that my Brother got an special program to keep his training on Chess, what it's call "Deep Fritz 12". I saw it, it's a good Game and it looks like one of these Office programs.

By the other side, He keeps bugging me a lot to play every time, almost all day. I know he got really obsessed with this Game and I think it's a good game although I'm very bad playing it and not because I'm a girl. About this girl thing with the Chess all I have to say for the matter is that being a good Chess player doesn't have anything to do with the Gender.

About training what I have to do is make my first CheckMate to the computer, and do more training until I feel ready to play with other people online. Actually my brother taught me almost everything I know about this game; by researching I know that most of the best Chess Players got taught by their brothers so maybe this is a good start.

Um... seriously I don't know about what to write here about, this is suposse to be a "chess about" blog and I don't have anything else to write about that.

Until next time, then.