Chess Books... where to start?

Sep 29, 2011, 6:55 AM |

Hi All

I am a 1480 OTB (from South Africa) rated player and have built up quite the chess book collection over the last two years. I passed the attorney's admissions exams and was admitted as such a couple of months back. I now have 4 months worth of free time as I am only starting my new job in February next year.

I would basically like to work out some kind of study plan/system based on the books that I currently own and would like to increase my rating by about 150 ELO by the end of next year.

I am looking to play in about 6 tournaments in the course of next year and then take it from there.

Oh and I am 26 years old and played about 10 rated games in the Western Province Chess league where I gained about 20 rating points.

Here is a list of my books, I look forward to your input with regards to the study program I should follow and in which order to study the books. Tx. :-)

Neil McDonald 

1. The art of Planning in Chess

2. Starting Out: Dutch Defence

3. How to Play against 1.e4

4. The Sicilian Bb5 Revealed

Fred Reinfeld 

5. 1001 Winning sacrifices and Combinations

6. 1001 Checkmates


7. The most instructive games of chess ever played

8. Capablanca's Best Chess Endings


9. Complete Endgame Course

10. The Amateur's Mind

Books by Various Authors 

11. The Art of Attack - Vukovic

12. Play 1.e4 e5 - Davies

13. Studying Chess made easy - Soltis

14. The Alterman Gambit Guide - Alterman

15. The Mammoth Book of the World's Greatest Chess Games - Burgess/Nunn

16.  Tactics for the Tournament Player - Alburt

17. Learn from Kasparov's Greatest Games - Schiller

18. New York 1924 - Alekhine

19. Zurich International Chess Tournament 1953 - Bronstein

20. Improve Your Chess Now - Tisdall

21. Starting Out: Pirc Defence - Ghallager

22. The Art of Planning in the Midlegame - Keres Kotov

23. Chess Openings for White Explained - Alburt

I am done with the first four parts of Silman's endgame course (1400 - 1599) and look forward to hear from you.